Khawa Bap


Snow Has Fallen



The title means ‘Snow is falling’.

The girls of Golog are singing. First they sing in Tibetan, then in Chinese: when they sing in Chinese, we can sing the same words in Tibetan and the same melody, only that in Chinese the last two verses are repeated several times.

They say: “We went to see a perfect master to ask for permission to receive the introduction of the mind. But our mind did not go in the direction of meditation, it always went in the direction of our love. We did not manage to do the meditation practice.” They repeat this. “In the evening, we went to see our love.” This means they were together. “We were not able to hide this fact because in the morning it snowed and our tracks were left in the snow.” They repeat this. 

This is very concrete, how the human mind is. See how pleased they are, they think that there are not any problems now, that they no longer have to keep it secret, that they are free: and if you look at their faces, they are very happy. Very nice!

ཨོྃ་~མ་ཎི་~པད་~མེ་~ ཧཱུྂ་~ཧྲཱིཿ
om om~ma-ni pad~ me~ hum~ hrī

།མཚན་~ལྡན་ བླ་~ མའི་~ དྲུང་~ དུ།
càn~dán lá~ mai~ drǔŋ~ dǔ
lá-mai drǔŋ-dǔ: from the lama

།སེམས་~ ཁིད་~ ཞུ་~ བར་~ ཕིན་ ~ པས།
sem ~ trid xǔ~ var~ qyin ~ bas
sem-trid: introduction of the mind xǔ-var: to ask for
qyin-bas: we went

།སེམས་~པ་ བསྒོམས་~ཀང་ མི་~ ཐུབ།
sem~ba góm~gyaŋ mi~ tub
the mind cannot manage to meditate

།བྱམས་ ~པའི་ ཕོགས་~ལ་ ཤོར་~ སོང་།
jyǎm ~bai qyog~la xor~ soŋ
jyǎm-bai: love
qyog-la: the mind escapes in the direction of our love

སོད་ ~ ལ་ བྱམས་~པ་ བཙལ་~ བས།
sòd ~ la jyǎm~ba zal~ vas
jyǎm-ba: that love zal-vas: I went to look for

ཐོ་~རངས་ ཁ་~བ་ བབས་ ~ བྱུང་།
to~raŋ ka~va bǎb ~ jyǔŋ
to-raŋ: early in the morning
ka-va bǎb-jyǔŋ: the snow was falling

གསང་~དང་ མ་~གསང་ མི་ ~ འདུག
sàŋ~dǎŋ ma~sàŋ mi ~ dùg
to hide or not hide, at this point it is the same, there is no difference

ཞབས་~རེས་ གངས་~ལ་ བཞག་~སོང་།
xǎb~jés gǎŋ ~ la xág ~ soŋ
xǎb-jés: footprints
gǎŋ-la: in the snow
xág-soŋ: we left (these), they remained.

See, it is not difficult to understand, but it is nice. It is true, the mind is like this.
ka-va băb
Snow has fallen



                    ཨོྃ་~མ་ཎི་~པད་~མེ་~ཧཱུྂ་~ཧྲཱིཿ ཨོྃ་~མ་ཎི་~པད་~མེིི་~ཧཱུྂ་~ཧྲཱི

                    om~ma-ni pad~ me~ hum~ hrī~,    om~ma-ni pad~ me~ hum~ hrī~,


om~ma-ni pad~ me~ hum-om~ma-ni pad~ me~ hum-om~ma-ni pad~ me~hum~hrī~,

                    ཨོྃ་~མ་ཎི་~པད་~མེ་~ཧཱུྂ་~ཧྲཱིཿ ཨོྃ་~མ་ཎི་~པད་~མེ་~ཧཱུྂ་~ཧྲཱིཿ

                    om~ma-ni pad~ me~ hum~ hrī~,    om~ma-ni pad~ me~ hum~ hrī~,


om~ma-ni pad~ me~ hum-om ~ma-ni pad~ me~ hum-om~ma-ni pad~ me~hum~hrī~

།མཚན་~ལྡན་ བླ་~  མའི་~  དྲུང་~  དུ ~  །

càn~dán lá~ mai~ drŭŋ~ dŭ ~  

From a qualified lama

            །སེམས་~  ཁྲིད་~   ཞུ་~ བར་~   ཕྱིན་  ~   པས ~   །

            sem ~  trid   xŭ~  var~   qyin  ~ bas ~ ,

            I went to seek mind guidance,

                        །སེམས་~པ་ བསྒོམས་~ཀྱང་ མི་~ ཐུབ~།

                        sem~ba   góm~gyaŋ   mi~  tub~,

                        But my mind was unable to meditate,

                                    །བྱམས་   ~པའི་ ཕྱོགས་~ལ་  ཤོར་~ སོང་ ~   །

                                    jyăm   ~bai   qyog~la   xor~  soŋ ~  .

                                    It slipped away in the direction of my beloved.

                        །སེམས་~པ་ བསྒོམས་~ཀྱང་ མི་~ ཐུབ~།

                        sem~ba   góm~gyaŋ   mi~  tub~,

                        My mind was unable to meditate,

                                    །བྱམས་   ~པའི་ ཕྱོགས་~ལ་ ཤོར་~ སོང་~   །

                                    jyăm  ~bai   qyog~la   xor~  soŋ ~  .

                                    It slipped away in the direction of my beloved.

ཨ~  སྲོད་ ~ ལ་ བྱམས་~པ་ བཙལ་~ བས~   །

a~    sòd ~  la   jyăm~ba   zal~  vas~  ,

            At night I went to seek my beloved,

            ཐོ་~རངས་ ཁ་~བ་ བབས་ ~  བྱུང ~   །

            to~raŋ   ka~va   băb  ~ jyŭŋ ~ .

            But in the early morning snow fell.

                        གསང་~དང་ མ་~གསང་ མི་  ~  འདུག  ~

                        sàŋ~dăŋ   ma~sàŋ   mi  ~  dùg   .

                        There is no more question of hiding or not hiding the secret.

                                    ཞབས་~རྗེས་ གངས་  ~ལ་ བཞག་ ~  སོང་ ~   །

                                    xăb~jés   găŋ ~  la   xág  ~  soŋ   ~ .

                                    My footprints are left in the snow.

                                                ཞབས་~རྗེས་ གངས་ ~ ལ་ བཞག་ ~  སོང་ ~  །

                                                xăb~jés   găŋ ~  la   xág  ~  soŋ  ~ .

                                                My footprints are left in the snow.

                                                            བཞག་~   སོང་ ~    ། བཞག་~   སོང་ ~   །

                                                            xág  ~   soŋ ~      xág  ~   soŋ ~   .

                                                            Left in the snow, left in the snow.

* dùs-cog means group of singers.