Phasa Zin Yong


Our Homeland Will Return to Us

Daod, Ugyan Tendzin, Yeshe Sengge, Tendzin, Drakpa Gyaltshen, Drigyal

ཟླ་འོད། ཨུ་རྒྱན་བསྟན་འཛིན། ཡེ་ཤེས་སེང་གེ། བསྟན་འཛིན། གྲགས་པ་རྒྱལ་མཚན། འབྲི་རྒྱལ།


Previously, apart from the 108 songs in Message from Tibet, we had about thirty songs that still needed to be transcribed, now there are another twenty-six that I recently chose in Greece and elsewhere. So looking at this, there are very many songs, and some are especially nice. Some, like this one sung by six young people, are really powerful.

སྤིན་~ནག་~གི་  གཡོར་~བ་  མེད་~ན།
drin~nag~gĭ  yór~va med~na
It means: If there are no black clouds that cover the sun,

གསེར་~མདོག་~གི་  ཉི་~ མ་  སེར་~པོས།
sèr~dòg~gĭ  ñi ~ma  ser~bos
the sparkling of the sun, the golden light that spreads everywhere,

དྲོ་~སྐིད་~ཀིས་  རྒྱལ་~ཁམས་  ཁྱབ་~ནས།
dro ~gyid~gyis  gyál~kam  kyab~nas
with the warmth of happiness that it gives, fills all dimensions of the world.

འོད་~ཟེར་~དེ་  བོད་~ལ་  འཕོ་~ཡོང་།
hǒd~sěr~dě  bǒd~la  trò~yoŋ
These rays can also arrive in Tibet.

བཙན་~གནོན་~གི་  ཁིམས་~དམར་  མེད་~ན།
zan ~nón~gyĭ  trim~már  med~na
If there is no law of oppression,

དྲང་~བདེན་~གི་  སྤི་~ཁིམས་  བཟང་~པོས།
drǎŋ~dén~gyĭ  jyi~trim  sáŋ~bos
the universal rules of the law, true and just, that are created in the world,

ཞི་~བདེ་~ཡིས་  རྒྱལ་~ཁམས་  སྐོང་~བའི།
xĭ~dé~yis  gyál~kam  gyoŋ~vai
with which a nation can govern in peace and happiness,

རང་~དབང་~དེ་  བོད་~ལ་  སླེབས་~ཡོང་།
raŋ~wáŋ~dě  bǒd~la  lèb~yoŋ
one can enjoy this freedom, and it will also come to the Tibetans. 

Then the last verse says:

མི་~རིགས་~ཀི་  ལ་~རྒྱ་  ཡོད་~ ན།
mi~rig~gyi  la~gyá  yod~ na
If we have our 'la-gyá', and this is not lacking,

རིག་~གཞུང་~གི་  བླ་~སོག་  གསོན་~པོས།
rig~xúŋ~gĭ  lá~sòg  sòn~bos
with the vitality of our knowledge and culture

ཆོས་~ལྡན་~གི་  རྒྱལ་~ཁམས་  འཛུགས་~ ནས།
qos~dán~gyĭ  gyál~kam  zùg~ nas
a country develops that has not only politics, but also spirituality

གདོང་~དམར་~གི་  མི་~ རིགས་  དར་~ ཡོང་།
dóŋ~már~gyĭ  mi~rig  dǎr~ yoŋ
and in this way, the Tibetan people increase instead of disappearing. 

Then it says:

མཐུན་~སྒིལ་~གི་  བརྩེ་~སེམས་  ཡོད་~ ན།
tùn~dríl~gyĭ  ze~sem  yod~ na
If we have our ‘ze-sem’, which means kindness, collaborating with anyone,

གཞིས་~བྱེས་~ཀི་  བོད་~རིགས་  སྤུན་~ཟླས།
xís~jyěs~gyi  bǒd~rig  bun~dás
all of us Tibetans, those who are in Tibet and those who are outside,

ལྷན་~འཛོམས་~ཀི་  ཉི་~མ་  སྒུག་~ ནས།
lhan~zòm~gyi  ñi~ma  gúg~ nas
are waiting for that famous day to arrive when we will all meet together;

ཆོལ་~གསུམ་~གི་  ཕ་~ས་  ཟིན་~ ཡོང་།
qol~sùm~gyĭ  pa~sa  sĭn~ yoŋ
the three parts of Tibet (central Tibet, Amdo and Khampa are the three ‘qol-ka’, the three zones), all of us Tibetans, will be able to live in our homeland.

This is repeated three times.

This is a new song. I discovered it and placed it in the fourth group; it was not included before. We are still learning to sing in a precise way, it is very nice, and so is the melody. It is very good for supporting Tibetan culture: they sing, spread this knowledge, these principles and people start to understand what the situation is like. Now most people know much more, before they didn’t: this is thanks to all of the singers who are singing, communicating this. Fantastic!

I discovered these songs last year (2011) in Tenerife, and I immediately started singing and teaching them. Now I have developed this a lot: in all the parts of the world where I have been, we have sung them even during the retreats.

Some have wondered, “But why do we have to sing? This is not the teaching!” They should understand.

Then those who did not like singing before now like it. Someone told me, “Before I did not like singing, then I sang a little, and now I like it very much”. He also dances. This is also good for us, for relaxing, and for being a bit more cheerful.
pa-sa sĭn yoŋ
Our Homeland Will Return to Us

གཞས་པཿ ཟླ་འོད། ཨུ་རྒྱན་བསྟན་འཛིན། ཡེ་ཤེས་སེང་གེ།བསྟན་འཛིན། གྲགས་པ་རྒྱལ་མཚན། འབྲི་རྒྱལ།

            dá-hŏd, u-gyán dan-zìn, ye-xes seŋ-ge, dan-zìn, drăg-pa gyál-càn, drì-gyál

སྤྲིན་ ~ནག་~གི་ གཡོར་~  བ་ མེད་ ~ ན ~ །

drin ~ nag~gĭ    yór  ~  va    med  ~  na   ~ ,

If no black clouds were to cover it,

    གསེར ་~མདོག་~གི་ ཉི་~  མ་ སེར་ ~ པོས ~ །

    sèr ~dòg~gĭ ñi  ~  ma    ser  ~  bos   ~ 

    The shining sun and its golden light

        དྲོ་ ~སྐྱིད་~ཀྱིས་ རྒྱལ་~ཁམས་ ཁྱབ་ ~ ནས ~ །

         dro ~gyid~gyis    gyál~kam    kyab ~  nas  ~ ,

        Would pervade the world with the warmth of happiness,

            འོད་~ཟེར་~དེ་ བོད་ ~   ལ་ འཕྲོ་ ~ ཡོང་ ~ །

            hŏd ~sěr~dě bŏd  ~ la    trò  ~  yoŋ~ .

            And its rays would also spread in Tibet.

བཙན ་~གནོན་~གྱི་ ཁྲིམས་ ~ དམར་ མེད་ ~ ན  ~ །

zan ~nón~gyĭ    trim ~ már   med  ~  na  ~ ,

If the communists had no law of oppression,

    དྲང་ ~བདེན་~གྱི་   སྤྱི ~  ཁྲིམས་ བཟང་ ~ པོས ཡེ ~ 

    drăŋ~dén~gyĭ jyi ~ trim    sáŋ~  bos ye~ ,

    The freedom to happily and peacefully govern the country,

        ཞི་ ~བདེ་~ཡིས་ རྒྱལ་~ཁམས་ སྐྱོང་ ~ བའི ~ །

        xĭ~dé~yis gyál~kam gyoŋ~  vai  ~ ,

        Through good and just universal laws,

            རང་ ~དབང་ ~དེ་ བོད་ ~  ལ་ སླེབས་ ~ ཡོང་ ~ །

            raŋ ~wáŋ ~dě bŏd  ~ la    lèb  ~  yoŋ  ~ .

            Would also arrive in Tibet.

        བསྭོ་~  འོ་~ ཡ་~ ལ་~བསྭོ ~ ། འོ་བསྭོ་~  འོ་~  ཡ་~ལ་འ་ནི་~བསྭོ~  །

        sò~ o~ ya~ la~so~ .        o sò~ o~ ya~la~ a-ni~so~ .

        ཞི་ ~བདེ་~ཡིས་ རྒྱལ་~ཁམས་ སྐྱོང་ ~ བའི ~ །

        xĭ ~dé~yis gyál~kam gyoŋ  ~ vai  ~ ,

        Through good and just universal laws,

            རང་ ~དབང་~དེ་ བོད་ ~  ལ་ སླེབས་ ~ ཡོང་ ~ །

            raŋ ~wáŋ~dě bŏd ~ la    lèb  ~ yoŋ   ~ .

            Freedom would also arrive in Tibet.

མི་ ~རིགས་~ཀྱི་ ལ་  ~  རྒྱ་ ཡོད་  ~  ན ཡེ ~ 

mi ~rig~gyi    la  ~  gyá    yod ~   na ye  ~ ,

If we Tibetans endure in our commitment,

    རིག་ ~གཞུང་~གི་ བླ་ ~  སྲོག་ གསོན་  ~  པོས ཡེ  ~ །

    rig ~xúŋ~gĭ lá ~  sòg sòn ~ bos ye ~,

    And the vital essence of our culture remains alive,

    ཆོས་ ~ལྡན་~གྱི་ རྒྱལ་~ཁམས་ འཛུགས་    ~  ནས ~  །

        qos ~dán~gyĭ gyál~kam zùg ~  nas ~ 

        A land of Dharma will become established

            གདོང་ ~དམར་~གྱི་ མི་  ~  རིགས་ དར་  ~  ཡོང་ ~ །

            dóŋ ~már~gyĭ    mi ~  rig dăr  ~ yoŋ~ .

            And the ruddy-faced people will flourish.

མཐུན་ ~སྒྲིལ་~གྱི་ བརྩེ་  ~  སེམས་ ཡོད་  ~  ན  ~  །

tùn ~dríl~gyĭ    ze  ~  sem    yod ~ na   ~ ,

If we nurture kindhearted solidarity,

    གཞིས་ ~བྱེས་~ཀྱི་ བོད་ ~  རིགས་ སྤུན་  ~  ཟླས ~  །

    xís ~jyěs~gyi bŏd ~  rig    bun ~  dás   ~ ,

    And all of the brothers and sisters of Tibetan ancestry, both abroad and inside Tibet,

        ལྷན་ ~འཛོམས་~ཀྱི་ ཉི་~མ་ སྒུག་  ~   ནས  ~ །

        lhan ~zòm~gyi ñi~ma gúg  ~ nas   ~ ,

            Eagerly await for the day in which we will unite,

            ཆོལ་ ~གསུམ་~གྱི་ ཕ་  ~  ས་ ཟིན་  ~   ཡོང་ ~  །

            qol ~sùm~gyĭ    pa ~  sa sĭn  ~  yoŋ   ~ .

            Our fatherland, all three regions will return to us.

        བསྭོ་~  འོ་~ ཡ་~ ལ་~བསྭོ ~ ། འོ བསྭོ་~  འོ་~  ཡ་~ལ་ འ་ནི་ བསྭོ~  །

        sò~ o~ ya~ la~so~ .         o sò~ o~ ya~la~ a-ni~so~ .

        ལྷན་ ~འཛོམས་~ཀྱི་ ཉི་~མ་ སྒུག་  ~   ནས  ~ །

        lhan ~zòm~gyi ñi~ma gúg  ~ nas   ~ ,

    Eagerly await for the day in which we will unite,

            ཆོལ་ ~གསུམ་~གྱི་ ཕ་ ~  ས་ ཟིན་  ~   ཡོང་ ~  །

            qol ~sùm~gyĭ    pa ~  sa sĭn  ~ yoŋ   ~ .

            Our fatherland, all three regions will return to us.

                ཆོལ་ ~གསུམ་~གྱི་ ཕ་ ~  ས་ ཟིན་  ~   ཡོང་  ~ །

                 qol ~sùm~gyĭ    pa ~  sa sĭn  ~ yoŋ   ~ .

                Our fatherland, all three regions will return to us.